Are you a start up with big plans to reduce emissions?

Are you looking to make a meaningful impact to accelerate decarbonisation in the steel industry?

Do you want to establish your technologies as market leading and become recognised for your help towards the transition to low, and ultimately zero, carbon emissions steelmaking?

At ArcelorMittal, we are focused on reducing our CO2e emissions intensity by 35% in Europe and by 25% globally by 2030. Key to achieving this will be innovation and technological shifts. We launched the XCarb™ Innovation Fund in 2021 to invest in companies developing technologies that hold the potential to accelerate the steel industry’s transition to carbon neutral steelmaking.

The Fund's Accelerator Programme supports entrepreneurs and start-ups in this space - the aim is to find the best and brightest ideas from across the world. The inaugural Accelerator Programme launched globally in 2022 with CHAR Technologies, a cleantech company developing high temperature pyrolysis technology that transforms organic waste streams into valuable energy outputs, announced as the winner.

The XCarb™ India Accelerator Programme

In recognition of India’s ambition, capabilities, and unique challenges in supporting the global energy transition we have launched a new, dedicated XCarb™ Accelerator Programme targeted at the country’s deep ecosystem of technology start-ups. Applications for the current XCarb™ India Accelerator Programme are now closed. 

“Prioritising the reduction of carbon intensity in our steel production remains at the core of our long-term strategy. Our XCarb™ Innovation Fund exists to find the most exciting global ventures focused on steel decarbonisation and India’s record as a technology leader, combined with its efforts to become a climate leader, makes it a natural destination for the fund’s second Accelerator Programme. I am confident that our collaboration with IIT Madras, an institution that epitomises India’s tech prowess, will nurture start-ups and help to provide further impetus to ArcelorMittal and AM/NS India’s decarbonisation initiatives.” Aditya Mittal, CEO of ArcelorMittal and Chairman of AM/NS India