Smarter steels have a central role to play in this new world of mobility. Given the inherent strength of these advanced materials, cars today can be both lighter and safer. Steel can also make electric drivetrains more efficient. And it’s endlessly recyclable. We’re committed to helping the automotive industry build a better world with smarter steels.

The material that drives change

Over two-thirds of a car is typically made of steel. With focused innovation, this highly versatile material is evolving to meet the needs of the automotive industry as it transitions to carbon-neutral mobility.

Today, we’ve made steels that are up to five times stronger than they were 20 years ago, so cars can be lighter, yet remain strong and safe. Our innovative electrical steels help electric motors to offer better range, efficiency and acceleration. And smarter steel solutions are protecting batteries and providing chassis for electric vehicles.

Innovation centred around the customer

ArcelorMittal invests industry-leading sums in R&D to create new steels, steel solutions and steel-making processes. Everything we do has a laser focus on our customers and their quest for materials that offer better performance and sustainability. It’s part of our commitment to supporting manufacturers’ ambitions to create carbon-neutral mobility. And to ensure our innovations match their changing needs, we embed resident engineers at our customers’ design and engineering facilities.

Today, some of our steels are five times stronger than they were 20 years ago. Cars can be stronger, lighter, safer and more affordable as a result.

Smarter steels

Steel will continue to be the dominant material in cars, with demand expected to stay the same even as the world makes the transition to electrified vehicles. So as the design and engineering of vehicles evolves, so will the materials they are made from. Smarter steels can not only offer better strength and safety; they can also adapt to the function of each individual part, offering high levels of efficiency and sustainability. And innovations in battery technology mean manufacturers can achieve their lightweighting and driving range goals more cost-effectively with steel than with any other material.

Driven by expertise

Our steel innovation is made possible by the expertise and passion of our people. The ArcelorMittal culture is entrepreneurial and agile, rewards boldness and prizes curiosity. When we invent a new process, product or solution, our people and customers across the world benefit from it.

Steel is the dominant material in a car
And as automotive evolves, steels will get smarter

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