The ideal packaging material

ArcelorMittal Europe produces 1.5 million tonnes of flat carbon steel for packaging each year at sites in France, Belgium and Spain. We also produce flat carbon steel in Kazakhstan. Tin or chromium plated on both sides, this material blends strength and stiffness with formability, corrosion resistance and the ability to be welded and printed. These qualities make steel the ideal food packaging material. It protects and preserves contents over time and during transportation, displays information clearly, and is easily and infinitely recyclable.

Supporting our production sites are steel service centres in France, Spain, Italy, Ukraine and Russia, which provide the capabilities for just-in-time delivery of the type and quantity of product that customers need. And our packaging innovation is driven by close partnership with our customers and supported by a dedicated R&D centre in Maizières-les-Metz, France.

Photo by courtesy of Auxiliar Conserva.

Innovators at heart

We’re constantly exploring new ways to improve steel packaging:

  • New types of steel – lighter, more efficient, new shapes – including our Maleïs® and Creasteel® grades
  • New metallic and organic coatings – improving finishes and reducing environmental impact
  • New packaging solutions – for example for steel bottles, twist-off caps, -piece aerosols and ultra-light beverage cans
  • Better industrial processes – for more efficiency and throughput

Versatile products

Our extensive range of products serves all parts of the packaging industry. This includes tin or chromium plated steel with a wide range of mechanical properties, and a variety of coating options. We also offer tailored steel ranges for specific applications, such as to reduce the weight of packaging solutions or to facilitate brand differentiation, and adapted equipment for slitting and cutting product into sheets.

Unrivalled sustainability

Unlike any other packaging material, steel is infinitely recyclable. Its magnetic properties make it the easiest and most economical type of packaging to sort and recover for recycling. And no matter how many times it is recycled, steel never loses its strength or inherent properties.

*Over 4 million tonnes of CO2 saved by recycling 2.8MT of steel packaging in 2017.

  • Perfection, all year round

    Steel packaging adds value, quality, and recyclability to Europe’s favourite canned food

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  • Peace of mind for customers and consumers

    Pre-lacquered steel for aerosol mounting cups eliminates bisphenol A

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