ArcelorMittal places a strong emphasis on corporate governance, with a large independent majority in its Board of Directors: six independent directors among its 10 members. ArcelorMittal's Audit and Risk Committee and Appointment Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee are comprised entirely of independent directors. ArcelorMittal's Sustainability Committee has a majority of independent directors.

A director is considered ‘independent’ if:

  • he or she is independent within the meaning of the Listed Company Manual of the New York Stock Exchange, as amended from time to time, or any successor manual or provisions, subject to the exemptions available for foreign private issuers (the ‘NYSE standards’);
  • he or she is unaffiliated with any shareholder owning or controlling more than 2% of the total issued share capital of ArcelorMittal;
  • the board of directors makes an affirmative determination to this effect. For these purposes, a person is deemed affiliated to a shareholder if he or she is an executive officer, a director who also is an employee, a general partner, a managing member or a controlling shareholder of such shareholder.

The 10 Principles of Governance of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, which constitute ArcelorMittal's domestic corporate governance code, require ArcelorMittal to define the independence criteria that apply to its directors.

There is no requirement in our articles of association that directors be shareholders of the company. However, in consideration of corporate governance trends indicating that a reasonable amount of share ownership helps better align the interests of the directors with those of all shareholders, the Board of Directors adopted a share ownership policy on October 30, 2012 for non-executive directors that was amended on November 7, 2017. Directly or indirectly, and as sole or joint beneficiary owner (e.g., with a spouse or minor children), within five years of the earlier of October 30, 2012 or the relevant person’s election to the Board of Directors, the Lead Independent Director should own a minimum of 6,000 ordinary shares and each other non-executive director should own a minimum of 4,000 ordinary shares. Each director will hold the shares acquired on the basis of this policy for so long as he or she serves on the Board of Directors.

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