Complete visibility

With state-of-the-art database technology, mining operations can have 24/7 visibility of the entire production chain. This is the foundation for a digitised approach to mining, where decisions can be made in an integrated way and operations made significantly more efficient. When combined with the automation of key assets such as blast hole drilling, trucks and railing, there is major potential for improvements in performance and cost-effectiveness.

Photos below are of our IROC control room and operations at ArcelorMittal Mining Canada.

Optimised decisions

The ultimate aim of IROC at our Mont-Wright mine is to link together every aspect of mining operations, so that decisions are optimised all the time, every time, with throughput increasing across the value chain. The team has also made a move towards automated trucks, considering automated railing and then aiming to cascade digitisation to crushing and grinding circuits, where expert systems could have a significant positive impact on productivity by 2020 and beyond.