One of her favourite things about working at ArcelorMittal is the emphasis on learning through the ArcelorMittal University (AMU), which has already seen her complete a language course whilst currently continuing to develop her professional credentials through the Project Manager pathway.

Jessica has found significant value in her career journey…

“I appreciate how ArcelorMittal emphasizes learning. For instance, we have ArcelorMittal University, and each week, employees receive an email with development tips. AMU offers various pathways that can help improve work or personal skills. Another aspect I value is the opportunity to meet people from around the world with different cultures and grow together. Programs like "Work Date ArcelorMittal" encourage this, and it's amazing! WorkDate is a smart networking tool introduced by AMU, that connects employees within the group, thus promoting a collaborative culture and sharing of knowledge and ideas. It helps us build our network within ArcelorMittal.

The best part of joining ArcelorMittal, for me, was taking advantage of the opportunities it offered. I took language courses, engaged in different activities, gained a new perspective on my job, and, most importantly, felt that I could grow more here.”