Europe-wide partnership with Whirlpool is founded on quality and excellence

Award-winning supplier

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of domestic appliances, Whirlpool makes washers and dryers as well as refrigeration, cooking and dishwashing appliances. In Europe, we supply steels for every category Whirlpool produces. And in 2017, we received Whirlpool’s prestigious Quality Excellence award, which recognises our steels for being the most dependable product supplied to the company.

Optimised supply chain

We supply Whirlpool’s European plants directly through our extensive supply and service centre network throughout Europe. This helps us ensure Whirlpool has the materials it needs to meet its just-in-time delivery requirements. Our entire relationship with Whirlpool is managed at a European level, optimising Whirlpool’s supply chain and ensuring the highest level of service, including a single point of contact for support across the continent.