This extensive programme, reported on annually in the country sustainability report, has included the installation of state of the art hybrid filter dedusting technology at the sinter plant in Dabrowa Gornica, lowering dust emissions from the sinter stack by over six times; and modernization of the dedusting system of the Zdzieszowice coke oven batteries no. 5 and 6, reducing the concentration of dust emitted to over four times lower than the maximum value required by law.  

In 2019 we modernised the TAMEH POLSKA power plant in Krakow in 2019 to switch away from the use of thermal coal. By using the blast furnace and coke oven gas from the steelworks as well as natural gas in place of coal, this investment will significantly reduce the environmental impact of the plant, with expected emissions reductions as follows:

Environmental impact reduction

Dust 90%
NOx 83%
SO2 80%
CO 40%
CO2 20%