We continually develop our electrical steel grades to meet this premium manufacturer’s high standards

Vertical integration

Miele is well known for vertical integration in its operations. It makes almost all the motors for its washing machines, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners at its own factory in Euskirchen, Germany – and almost all its appliances use specialist electrical steels from ArcelorMittal.

Smooth running

Our facilities in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany and St Chély d’Apcher, France are two of the very few specialist mills that can manufacture electrical steels to Miele’s demanding standards. Our non-oriented electrical steels offer high permeability, which helps improve the efficiency of domestic appliances, and their grade and surface properties are tailored to each application. The iron-silicon alloys and thermomechanical process we use mean these steels have the magnetic and mechanical properties needed to make electrical appliances run smoothly.