Applying geology, mine planning, mining and processing knowledge to generate top quality iron ore products for our customers

ArcelorMittal Mining specializes in producing top quality iron ore products worldwide utilising a technically robust geo-metallurgical approach, with a specific focus on our steel mills and clients across the globe. This is performed ensuring:

  • Optimum utilisation of all mineral resources in a responsible manner
  • Application of robust technical standards via strategic mine plans to convert our mineral resources into mineral reserves
  • Extraction of those reserves from the ground in a safe and responsible manner
  • Ore is processed in a way that maximises the quality of our products
  • Products shipped to steel mills worldwide

As a vertically integrated business, we have a unique ability to develop processing routes specific for each mineral resource. This enables us to tailor the quality of our products to better fit steel mills across all continents. ArcelorMittal Mining connects knowledge in different technical areas by properly defining multiple aspects of orebodies, not just assaying drill cores chemically but also developing processing routes and testing samples for processing suitability in its R&D Mining facility in France. ArcelorMittal Mining also tests its products response to varying steel mill processes worldwide, continuing to ensure the best steel can be produced every day across the globe.

By doing that, ArcelorMittal Mining and the broader ArcelorMittal group ensure we generate value to all stakeholders: from our shareholders to our employees and to every single community member that hosts us as operators of very special natural resource: unique orebodies.


Photos below are from our R&D centre in Aviles, Spain and our pelletising plant at ArcelorMittal Mining Canada.