TSM also enables to turn-high level environmental and social commitments into action at asset level, while giving communities key information on performance in areas such as community outreach, tailings management and biodiversity.

Effectively, TSM is a set of tools and indicators to drive performance and ensure that key mining risks are managed responsibly at facilities.

ArcelorMittal Mining Canada began applying TSM protocols in 2004. TSM has helped us to monitor and improve performance, and supported our ambition to be a leader in sustainability performance and customer assurance – both as a mining company and as part of the steel supply chain.

Systems such as TSM ensure that risks are systematically assessed and mitigated, that mitigations are regularly reviewed for effectiveness, and that business planning incorporates an element of continuous improvement.

TSM adds value by supporting our ambition to be leaders in sustainability performance, helping us to engage transparently with our neighbours and other stakeholders, and ensures independent customer assurance.

In 2018, TSM results showed that ArcelorMittal Mines Canada rated between A and AAA in areas including safety and health assessment, community outreach, energy use and greenhouse emissions management. Its tailings management was rated AAA in all aspects in 2018.

TSM’s requirements for raw materials suppliers also feed into the ResponsibleSteel™ initiative, which is designed to assure consumers that the steel they buy meets credible sustainability standards.

Elsewhere, our operations in Liberia and Brazil are investigating assessment by the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA, an internationally recognised third-party verification and certification standard), also aligned with the ResponsibleSteel™ initiative, and it is our intention to achieve accreditation for these operations in three to five years. We are also looking into implementing IRMA across our other mines in the coming years to reassure our customers that all our raw materials have been sourced and produced responsibly.