ArcelorMittal takes home the ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ Steelie Award from worldsteel; silver in ‘Best online annual report’ category at the 2017 Digital Impact Awards

ArcelorMittal Tubarão, Brazil, has won the worldsteel Steelie Award in the ‘Excellence in Sustainability’ category for its efforts to pave rural roads in Brazil using steel by-products.

The ‘Excellence in sustainability’ award acknowledges the sustainability initiative which has made the greatest contribution to all three areas of sustainability – economic, environmental and social value. The winners of the 8th Steelie Awards were announced at the Annual Dinner of the World Steel Association (worldsteel) on 16 October.

Tubarão’s accolade-winning project is a result of ArcelorMittal R&D department’s ground breaking work on developing REVSOL® and REVSOL Plus®, products which turn steel slag into a primary road, car park and storage yard coating, replacing the use of non-renewable sources in road building and significantly reducing the need for road maintenance and the costs associated with it. 

Paving what had been dirt roads has also improved access to services such as garbage collection, ambulances, and police for 30 municipalities in the state of Espirito Santo over a 200km radius.  It has reduced maintenance costs for the vehicles which use these better-quality roads and has speeded up delivery of local produce, improving the quality of life for local people, and achieving better prices for small farmers whose produce is fresher and more saleable when it reaches consumers.

ArcelorMittal Acindar, Argentina, was shortlisted in the same category, for a project which built a secure breeding centre for the conservation of jaguars out of reused steel.

Award-wining week for ArcelorMittal

The following evening brought yet another recognition, as silver for the ‘Best online annual report’ in the Digital Impact Awards went to ArcelorMittal and digital communications company Investis for ArcelorMittal’s 2016 annual review – ‘Sustainable progress’. The award ceremony was held in London on 17 October.

“This award is recognition of the effort and progress we have made over the past two years on our journey to fully integrated reporting,” said Paul Weigh, ArcelorMittal corporate communications manager. “The 2016 annual review was our most comprehensive online annual report to date, combining short-term operational and financial performance with the long-term social and environmental trends that have the potential to impact our business, and outlining the steps we are taking to address them.”

Top image credit: worldsteel