ArcelorMittal was announced as a Supplier Sustainability Award winner at Ford Motor Company’s virtual event this week in Detroit. Ford’s World Excellence Awards recognise companies that exceed expectations and achieve the highest levels of excellence in quality, cost, performance and delivery.

John Brett, CEO of ArcelorMittal North America, who accepted the award for ArcelorMittal said:

“We are honoured to be recognised with a Supplier Sustainability Award for our supply chain efforts. Our company has long been an innovation leader in automotive steels and co-engineering with our OEM partners. Now, ArcelorMittal is taking the lead in decarbonising the steel industry. With our commitment to IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance) we are ensuring responsible sourcing for our steels and we are beyond pleased to be recognised for our efforts by Ford, one of our most valued customers.”

Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer of Ford, said:

“Ford Motor Company’s World Excellence Awards recognise our top-performing suppliers around the world for helping bring the Ford+ plan to life. Suppliers like ArcelorMittal are key to Ford’s continued success as we leverage foundational strengths to build new capabilities and enrich customer experiences.”

Honourees are recognised for achieving the highest levels of global excellence in categories including:

  • Primary brand pillar awards – Treat Customers Like Family, Turn Around Automotive Operations and Compete Like a Challenger, Create Must-Have Products
  • Diversity and inclusion awards for suppliers that excel in integrating diversity into their organisation and business process
  • Sustainability awards for suppliers that improve the business environment
  • Gold and Silver Quality awards for supplier manufacturing sites demonstrating superior quality, delivery and cost performance throughout the year