A message from Lakshmi Mittal, Executive Chairman

Having been both Chairman and Chief Executive of ArcelorMittal for many years, I recently informed the Board of Directors that I had decided it is the right time for the Board to appoint a new CEO to lead the company with me as Executive Chairman.

They have today announced that Aditya Mittal will be CEO of the company with immediate effect.

I took this decision for two main reasons.  First, it reflects the way Aditya and I have been working together in recent years as the CEO Office.  Second, although 2020 was a challenging year for obvious reasons, as a company we start 2021 in a comparatively strong position having achieved some key strategic targets and set out new priorities for the coming years and decades.  It felt the right moment therefore to make this change.

I am delighted the Board unanimously agree Aditya is the right person to be CEO of ArcelorMittal.  He has been part of the company for nearly 25 years and of course has been around it for all his life.  Not only does he have a forensic knowledge of the business and industry, but he also understands how we must now transform for the future.  As a company with a large carbon footprint the transition to a low carbon economy will be our most important challenge over the coming decade and beyond.  We have set a net zero by 2050 target, now we need to deliver.  This means being open-minded to change and alert to the opportunities this can bring. 

As Executive Chairman, I will continue to be fully involved.  I remain as fascinated, engaged and committed as ever to our continued success.  I love coming to the office and have missed it hugely during these times of Covid.  Indeed I can’t wait to get back. While there will be naturally some changes, Aditya and I will continue to work very closely together in the Executive Office.  I am looking forward to this next chapter.


Lakshmi N. Mittal

Executive Chairman