"...if steel hadn’t been invented, sustainability would invent steel. It’s perfect. It’s a perfect ingredient for a sustainable world.”

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In the context of Alan Knight's sustainability podcast, David Clarke, our head of strategy and chief technology officer, highlights in this video the impact materials have on our planet, and how we aim to mitigate the risks, while responding to the global demand for steel.

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  • Politics remain the biggest obstacle to climate change

    The Paris climate agreement has 185 signatories and a growing number of countries, as well as companies, have ambitions to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.That is the good news. The harder part is that “solving” climate change poses very complex technical and political challenges.

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  • The path to low-carbon steelmaking

    Because a developed economy needs so much steel, and about three-quarters of the world is still developing we will still need to make a great deal of it from scratch, despite recycling or reusing existing stock when it reaches the end of its use.

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  • Taking care of business and the environment is possible with smart carbon technology

    If we can recycle our steel for the greater good, why not recycle our carbon emissions to solve one of the sector’s biggest challenges?

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  • Maintaining our position as a trusted community brand

    We want our communities to see us as partners in local socio-economic development, and trust us to have an open dialogue when challenges arise. ArcelorMittal’s sustainable development outcomes are aimed at helping us to be such a company. Some stakeholders call this a ‘license to operate’. What this means for us is that ArcelorMittal is not just a business to business brand. ArcelorMittal is a ‘community brand’

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