We maintain a comprehensive track of stakeholder opinions and business concerns based on engagement at all levels. We have mapped these against our 10 SD outcomes in the table below. Key challenges and opportunities are raised and discussed and management committee level and by the Board on a regular basis. This ongoing materiality process gives us a strong understanding of the key social, environmental, technology and regulatory external trends, the key topics of concern to stakeholders at each level of the business, and the implications of both for ArcelorMittal’s business.

The continuous process of assessing our material issues can be broken down into four generic stages:

Step 1:Identify relevant topics

Using the 10 SD outcomes as a foundation, we continually assess the social, environmental and technological trends in the changing world to understand emerging topics that might impact the business now and, in the future. This provides us with a set of SD topics (see below) that ArcelorMittal discloses on through its website and its Factbook.

Step 2: Assess the stakeholder expectations affecting the business outlook

We engage in a range of ways with our stakeholders to understand our impact on them, and listen to those topics most important to them.

Step 3Determine priority topics

An assessment of our stakeholder challenges at site level is overseen by corporate functions in a dashboard report to the Board’s Sustainability Committee. Once identified as a priority these challenges are directly addressed in the strategic plans of each business segment.

Step 4: Disclose

Those topics considered most material to stakeholders and the business are discussed in our quarterly Sustainable development leadership review and highlighted in our Integrated Annual Review.

In 2014, a comprehensive survey of stakeholder opinions and business concerns informed a series of strategic conversations about steel and sustainable development across the business, resulting in the establishment of our 10 sustainable development outcomes. These cover the universe of  SD topics that ArcelorMittal considers in the continuous materiality process described above: