Led by our global research and development (R&D) teams, and supported throughout every facet of the business, we are the market leader in innovation. We continually look for technological advances that allow us to make new steels while improving manufacturing processes at the same time. This commitment to innovation extends beyond new products and processes to encompass how we can positively impact the life of people all over the world. And we are keenly focused on maximizing this influence by fully capitalizing on the broad range of opportunities offered to us by today’s digital economy.

Global R&D is an ambidextrous organization, serving simultaneously our business of today and building the foundation for the business of tomorrow. Broad diversity, a can-do mindset and global reach are the key strengths of our organization.

“Innovation goes far beyond the work of our Global R&D teams.” - Greg Ludkovsky, vice president, ArcelorMittal Global R&D

“Innovation goes far beyond the work of our Global R&D teams. At ArcelorMittal, we strive every day to make innovation a part of the mindset of our colleagues around the world - from operations and supply chain to sales and marketing and IT. The creation of smarter steels for a better world rests on all of our shoulders, but my team fully embraces the responsibility of driving those initiatives and capitalizing on our collective results,” said Greg Ludkovsky, vice president, ArcelorMittal Global R&D.

ArcelorMittal employs around 1,500 full-time researchers at 11 geographical sites throughout the world, with centres strategically placed in Europe, North and South America and close to key operations and customers. These centres are where new steel products, processes and solutions are envisioned, tested, improved and deployed. ArcelorMittal invests in R&D activities that keep us at the forefront of innovation and put us ahead of the competition as the material and steel manufacturer of choice for our customers.


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