As a group, we’re committed to innovation. Mining is no exception: it’s an area where the latest techniques and technologies can have significant impacts on how our assets perform. Our R&D teams are on a constant quest to improve the efficiency, productivity and environmental performance of our mining operations.

Mining innovation at ArcelorMittal covers four key areas: understanding our products, improving processes, enhancing sustainability, and applying the latest digitisation and industry 4.0 technologies. And as both a steelmaker and mining company, we’re uniquely positioned to develop specific solutions, such as how best to apply high-strength steels in the mining industry.

We develop solutions for our individual operating units rather than taking a standardised approach. This way, we can focus on what’s most effective for a particular asset, and then adapt it across the business where appropriate.

Examples of the technological solutions we develop include:

  • Automation, drones and remote operating centres
  • Digitisation – improving production, supply chain processes and mine planning system designs
  • Mathematical models focused on improving productivity and time management
  • 3D-printed spare parts
  • Robust wireless sensors, for example, heat sensors and laser scanners, to improve reliability and predictive maintenance
  • Rail and infrastructure design and monitoring
  • Energy efficiency and water treatment
  • Pushing the boundaries with processing methodologies for yield

Explore our case studies to learn more about innovation throughout our mining operations

  • Mining sustainably

    Mining has impacts on land, communities and natural habitats. We want these impacts to be positive. Our goal is to ensure that our mining operations leave a sustainable, social, environmental and economic legacy.

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  • Tailings management

    Our strong governance model aims to ensure our tailings facilities are structurally sound and safe

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