Steel lies at the heart of a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future.

It is a critically important material for future low-carbon buildings, infrastructure, energy, and mobility solutions. Its durability, versatility and recyclability make it the perfect material for a future low-carbon circular economy. Yet its prolific use means that if steel is to contribute to a net zero world it also needs to decarbonise.

Smarter future looks at the role of steel in tomorrow’s world and society’s transition to net zero.

What will the world look like in 2050 and what role will steel play in it? How will our industry decarbonize, and how can steel support the world’s transition to net zero? Can our industry leverage the latest tech trends like AI and additive manufacturing? How can we ensure we create the smarter steels we need for people and planet? And much more.

What could a smarter future look like ?

  • Our steels supporting the global energy transition

    The global energy transition, driven by global warming, is a giant transformation of the world’s energy supply system. We are convinced that steel, used in the new energy technologies that we now see emerging and growing, is an enabler for this tectonic change.

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  • Future drive Canoo’s game-changing electric vehicle is made from 90% steel

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Tom Cheesewright

Applied Futurist

Our podcasts are recorded in collaboration with host and applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright.

Tom works with global brands, industries, individuals and organisations including NASA, Meta, Google and BMW to see the future and interpret what's next. 

An accomplished speaker, writer, broadcaster, and consultant Tom specialises in helping brands to develop compelling narratives and innovative strategy for tomorrow that connects tomorrow’s world to today’s experience, making sense of what’s happening next, and why.

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