What could a smarter future look like ?

  • Our steels supporting the global energy transition

    The global energy transition, driven by global warming, is a giant transformation of the world’s energy supply system. We are convinced that steel, used in the new energy technologies that we now see emerging and growing, is an enabler for this tectonic change.

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  • Future drive Canoo’s game-changing electric vehicle is made from 90% steel

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Futurising: season 1

  • The future of mobility

    Former head of automotive, Brian Aranha talks to futurologist Tom Cheesewright about how mobility might be different in the future.

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  • Sustainability

    Dr Alan Knight reflects on the sustainable nature of steel, and how that positions steel as the ideal material for a sustainable tomorrow.

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  • The future of steel manufacturing

    How will steel manufacturing be different in the future ? Greg Ludkovsky, head of R&D, imagines the reinvention of steel manufacturing.

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  • The future of construction

    Olivier Vassart, CEO Steligence®, discusses the future of buildings and the role of steel in them.

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